November 9, 2023 - Congratulations to Fernando Duenas for being selected to be one of the prestigious "President's Circle" recipients this year from President Amy.  Fernando just became an 'official' Rotarian back in February, but once you spend any time with him and hear about his life, you know he has always been a Rotarian at heart!  Fernando jumped right in after joining and was awarded the Rookie of the Year for his service to the club.  He has already become a Major Donor to the Rotary Foundation and was asked to lead our Coffee Chats for this Rotary year.  Fernando has attended 99.99% of ALL Rotary events - and has quickly become a 'regular' at many of our recurring service projects.  He happily stepped up when asked and will be our Community Service Director for next year.  Although he claims to be lucky to be a Rotarian and part of our club, the 'luck' is all ours.  We were 'lucky' to have his granddaughter Avery join our Rotary Community Corps and introduce her grandfather to all that Rotary has to offer!  Thank you for everything you do, Fernando!